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Americans Now Buying European Cars

In January president, Donald Trump received backlash from Germany’s economy minister over his claims that Americans should be buying American cars, but the question is – why do people choose German or European cars over American ones?

It comes down to one word: reliability.

General Motors are not a company that are renowned for quality and reliability. For example Saab. I personally own a Saab and am a Saab Enthusiast having owned several over the years.

Cars Exec European car

When GM took full ownership of Saab in 2000, the quality of the cars dwindled and the prices did not reflect the car you got.

Engines became less dependable and the consistency of the vehicle quality fell apart. The interiors felt cheaper and though maintaining the quirkiness and style of the Swedish Saabs, the cars lost the durability they were known for.

“The American car industry is getting worse, weaker and more expensive, the U.S. needs to build better cars.” – Sigmar Gabriel, Germany’s economy minister

When it comes to hiring a private driving service, as is popular in the UK, riders insist on quality and comfort in the vehicles that will be transporting them. So what kind of autos do leading chauffeur transport services such as Cars Exec use? European cars like BMW 5 Series and 7 Series and Mercedes E Class and S Class.

In no way are European cars flawless but the Japanese and Germans are better known for their engineering and refusal to make radical changes to things that work. European cars can be quite exotic and are famed for their technology (though over-engineering will always be a big issue for consumers).


Dreaming of Owning a Jaguar

When people hear the word Jaguar mentioned, maybe the first thing they picture is prestige, but then again maybe it is power or elegance. There are individuals that feel that Jaguar’s strength is undoubtedly its graceful and stylish design. Everything that is wonderful about Jaguar is incorporated in the new and larger Jaguar XJR. It’s just a fantasy car for many drivers of the world today.

For those who can afford the Jaguar XJR they are happy about the additional passenger space, along with more room for cargo and luggage. Aided by the delightfully firm aluminum body, the Jaguar is much lighter. Over and above its stylish looks is really a solid workhorse making it a powerful drive.

Under the hood of the XJR features a great 4.2 liter V8 engine running at 400 horsepower. The XJR comes with a six speed, ZF sourced automatic transmission which was first introduced in the Jaguar S Type. It features loads of standard features including the Computer Active Suspension System or CATS in addition to self-leveling air suspension. Additionally there is an Adaptive Restraint Technology (ARTS) and Dynamic Stability Control structure.

The engine of the Jaguar XJR is smooth and provides a quick and speedy response as well as being surprisingly quiet. The flexible and nimble handling of the Jaguar XJR gives the driver the feeling of empowerment. The interior of the XJR is a mixture of modern and luxury by using wood and leather.

The controls tend to be easy to grasp, for both the driver and any passengers since it has been configured ergonomically. The navigation system that is in the XJR is very well thought out with a clean and classy interface. Additionally, it features eight cup holders for the many passengers that you could pack into this car.

One awesome feature for all of the Jaguar owners, is they can be relaxing around their own homes, and purchase any accessories they might need or even Jaguar parts. By getting online, there are many internet sites for Jaguar auto parts, where excellent deals are offered. You can find not just quality parts but also excellent discounts. Being a Jaguar owner, you should have no trouble picking out the parts or accessories you need. There’s nothing you can’t find online like service tools, body components drive belts and a plethora of other auto parts for Jaguar.

Websites like these reveal that there are many people in the world who own Jaguars. They aren’t far better than the rest of us, but they do have more income than the majority of people. If you’re in the market for a new car and have the money to get anything you want, then you might want to consider the Jaguar XJR.